Referrer Types report in Site Catalyst is no longer populating now that DTM in use



About a month after we implemented DTM, we noticed in Site Catalyst that Referrer Types were not being captured. 

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, could you share how you fixed the issue? We are flummoxed and are unable to figure out a way to get it working again. 

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Referrers are identified based on the Internal URL filters specified for a report suite.The most common reason traffic sources reports don't populate data is that the Internal URL Filter List isn't defined or defined incorrectly.

Check if you have added your domain to the list. You would need to remove the rule listing a period (.) as a filter, and add your own site.

The link below describes the steps to do the above: Internal URL Filters