Re-activate a deactivated user



How can I reactivate a deactivated user?  

A user has been deactivated cause of account problems. Now we are not unable to re-activate the user

- user is not visible anymore within DTM's user list

- user can not be invited, as there is the message "email adress is already registered"

What to do Adobe?

Regards, Michael

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Michael,

This can happen when the system shows the user as invited, but they haven't received/accepted the link. It should show a list of 'Invited Users' under users. If the user has accepted they would show under registered. In order to verify what is happening in this particular case I would need the property name and users email. We may need to manually send the email invite link to the user. I recommend reaching out to Customer Care. They would be able to identify the issue and provide a manual invite link if needed.