Pre-load Adobe Analytics dependencies



Due to the configurable nature of the business we have, I have a very complex function to generate the product string in the Adobe required format. 

The problem appears to be once the Adobe image request begins and then tries to run this function it sometimes bombs out on Chrome due to the Chrome only feature of Keep-alive=15 for Adobe.

Because of this it appears I need to pre-load this product string generation function and then call the Adobe Analytics call after it runs to just insert the result.

How would I go about loading something prior to Adobe and then beginning the Adobe Analytics call?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Jason, 

Assuming you are using DTM, In case of a Page Load rule in DTM , The call to Adobe Analytics Server is made at bottom of the page just before the close of body tag Hence your complex function to generate the product string should just appear any where in code before the call the Adobe Analytics server. 

In case of Event based rule, Please call the function to create product string before the Event Based rule is fired  .

Thanks & Regards