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I have an issue that has been plaguing my co-workers and I for a couple of days. I have a specific page load rule where the page load is firing, I can see in the debug log that it is firing.  Additionally the custom code for the page rule fires.  Using some console statements I can see that at the point of the custom code execution all of the props and evars have been correctly set, but the beacon is never sent.

I can add an s.t() call to the custom code and then the beacon fires exactly as I would expect it to without the s.t call.  I have tried a number of things including triggering at the top and the bottom of the page.  My condition does not seem to be an issue as the custom code fires every time, though just for kicks I have changed the condition to "return true" and get the same behavior.

Other page load rules on the site seem to be functioning properly.

Any insight on where I could be going wrong with this page load rule?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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I'd recommend checking a few things:

  • Check the Enable EU Compliance setting to ensure this is set correctly. If turned on, you must set the cookie value to true before the Analytics tool will load.
  • Check the first settings in the Adobe Analytics tool within the rule. Make sure it is step to s.t() and not disabled

If both of these are set as expected, would you be able to provide me with your rule name and URL where I can see this behavior? If I can have a look at the page, I can look into your web property and see if I see anything else.


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