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I used Adobe 8.0, very content. Just to see if the new product offers some features I could use, I installed the test version of Acrobat X pro. The result was, I dont need any of the new features, I would like to return to my old license. I entered my serial number, but the installer answered 'Diese Seriennummer ist für dieses Produkt ungültig'. But on the Adobe Homepage, it seems, there is no more link to my product. The old installation and program files were deleted by the trial version. Any help? I dont want to lose my good old Acrobat and I am not ready to pay a lot for something I dont need..

Sincerely, Hermann Reichert

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Hermann,

It sounds like your question is related to Adobe Acrobat. This forum is reserved for questions regarding the Activation core service of Adobe's Experience Cloud. In order to ensure your question is received by the proper audience and thus most likely to be answered, please repost your question on the Acrobat forum located at the link below:



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