New Relic Data gives Wrong page views URL after New Relic script added via DTM



We have added a new relic script via DTM,

and New Relic Data shows wrong Page URL, it shows Page views as DTM URL, not actual page views,

this happening because DTM will compile all scripts and executes the script with in a iFrame. so New Relic is considering iframe url as request URL.

any one have idea how to fix this using DTM ?


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From the documentation, there are 4 types of Javascript / 3rd Party Tag containers.

It sounds like you chose Non-Sequential HTML container type, which appends a DTM hosted iframe to the page, with your code in it. To append your code to the parent page, you must change the tag type to either Sequential HTML, or convert the tag to pure javascript and use Sequential Javascript or Non-Sequential Javascript type.

Side note: make sure to read the document page I provided above to ensure the type you choose is compatible with when you have it set to output (top of page, bottom of page, dom ready, window load)



Thanks for reply,

am using Non-Sequential Javascript type and I already converted script to Pure Javascript,

This is something i need to update new relic script to take it's parent page or any other setting in DTM ?