Need best approach to identify if data has been modified in a project




I am working on AEM 6.0 for web content management and we have validation and publish processes (Publish process also has validation, to make sure it covers if there are any changes made by other users from the time of last successful validation). Now we trying to avoid redo of validation if there is NO data change from the last successful validation. We have timestamp of last successful validation and tried validating it against the history.log file; but during the testing we found that not all data changes are logged in history.log. for e.g. we have custom functionality where we are updating the nodes data but not updating its lastModifiedDate and hence it is NOT resulting the event to be logged in history.log

Please help what would be best approach to identify if the data has been modified in a project OR is there any easy way to make history.log to capture all the events no matter my custom code is updating lastModifiedDate or not


Thanks in advance!

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