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I wonder if anyone could offer advice on best practice please.

We have an Adobe Analytics install using DTM. Currently there is one 'global page load rule' in DTM which has javaScript in 'custom page code' that manages what gets posted to the analytics. Problem is this single page load rule is huge and firing on every page.

Our plan is to split out for different areas of the site using the conditions option in DTM.

What I need to understand is if firing two page load rules in one section of the site (checkout funnel) would cause any problems. He's our plan

- Page load rule 1a - this handles all the basic page load stuff, pageName, section, evars, s.props etc, etc

- Page load rule 1b - this handles just the events we want passing to AA

As long as we don't duplicate anything in the page load rules I cannot see this being an issue, however I'd be grateful to hear from anyone with any experience in this matter.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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All page load rules in DTM modify the single s.t() call that fires each time a page loads (assuming the Analytics tool is installed). Best practice is to have all universal data placed in the Analytics tool and page load rules are created to supplement the data in that beacon depending on your needs.

For example:

Analytics tool
eVar1 = PageName (data element)

Page load rule
Conditioned to only fire on product pages
eVar3 = ProductSKU (data element)

Resulting Analytics beacons:
Homepage - 1 s.t() call with eVar 1 = Homepage | Only the global variables in the Analytics tool were fired here. No page load rules were fired.
Product X page - 1 s.t() call with eVar1 = Product X & eVar 3 = sku xyz | Global variables were added to s object then products page load rule fired appending the s object with eVar 3 value then s.t() call is fired and Analytics beacon is sent.

Let me know If I can clarify anything here.


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