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We have different SPAs needs to integrate on a common platform and every SPA have different domain. For this common platform, we have Web property configured in the DTM with necessary Rules. This means the tracking of this common platform is working perfectly fine.

My question is, for the tracking of every SPA, when we integrate the SPAs with different domains on this platform, should we have to define the Web Property of each SPA with its specific domain and generate the Header and Footer codes to integrate on each SPA?


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Hi Sarfaraz,

If the app architectures are common, there may be a way of passing the data required for tracking between apps.

Without knowing the tech particulars, let me aim to give you a generic example.

Let's say you have 3 apps being consolidated in a common host app. If the apps were built on the same framework a single app could load the child apps -  the host app can then receive data between child apps with some developer effort. If the apps are loaded as an iFrame, its a bit trickier due to cross domain/document restrictions, but a similar methodology can be applied. This approach assumes that the host app will handle all the marketing/analytics data and each app does not have a standalone requirement for the same.