Multi-properties and single report suite



We have some domains are so different from data layer point of view. So the way to collect data can be wildly different. What will be the best way to handle this?

So far we are thinking to create multiple properties, each one will have it's own rules to collect data and then they all write the data to the same report suite. My questions are:

     1.  is this OK?

     2. If a visitor first comes to a page in domain 1, then links to a page in domain2. Since those 2 pages are in different properties, the rules will be fired from different property and the data will be saved to the same report suite. In the report side, we will count this as 1 visit or 2 visits? could my prop variable track the path cross the property?

If we don't implement in this way, we just use one property. In the page load rule, add condition for each domain and we will have different rules for different domain. Then another thing I am not quite sure is, when will the data element be collected? If the case is:  a rule won't fire, then the related data element won't collect. then we are OK. Otherwise, if all the data element will collect in the front, then some element are not for this domain will fail


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi cathyw49544988​,

Answering to your 1st query, it is absolutely okay to use different web properties for different domains. And in case these domains are quite differently organized, using different web properties will provide you to easily manage future changes to the sites and analytics implementation without affecting other domains.

While following this approach you need to make sure that the analytics configurations across the web properties are same (tracking server, services implemented like Marketing Cloud ID Service) so that the Visitor Identification method remains the same.