Moving From Tealium to DTM



My company is in the process of moving to Adobe Analytics/DTM.

In short order we also want to replace Tealium with DTM.

We have 20 profiles in Tealium. The biggest one has 55 active tags 100+ load rules and 45 mapped data sources.

Some like Crazy Egg just require that we paste in some code, but others are more complicated.

I've taken the DTM training and have some practical experience with it but I haven't been able to find any documentation on implementing various third party tags. The "Dynamic Tag Management Product Documentation" has less than half a page dedicated to this topic.

I keep reading that DTM can load all tags, but I need help with the "how" part.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



DTM doesn't really have "tags" in the sense that Tealium does for third-party tools. You'd need to create a rule and then get your code to work in the JavaScript/Third-Party Tags section within the specific rule. There really isn't any documentation beyond that, although I'd recommend looking at the DTM Load Order graphic that is available in the documentation to help determine the proper timing for your code.

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