<noscript> tag - should it be used?




We are using DTM to implement Third Party Tags.

Some time we get the third party tags as HTML <script> tags along with <noscript> tags.

As , I understand DTM is a Javascript library, hence <noscript> tag will never be useful. Is this correct?

As DTM will load only when Javascript is enabled.

Hence, it is not meaningful to have <noscript> tag. Is this correct?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Neha,

In general it's always useful to use <no script> tag as  <noscript> tag defines an alternate content for users that have disabled scripts in their browser or have a browser that doesn't support script.  Though in DTM , it is not meaningful to have <noscript> tag  as DTM is it's self a Javascript Library . However , <noscript> tag can be useful only if it is added while adding the staging/ production code script on each and every page of the website.Please refer the below snippet of code as an example.

<script src="//assets.adobedtm.com/280730d6732acf1b27f4dabc54536db9fcdae363/satelliteLib-7032f9b2b2d0eac5630c170998701d4153326f8e.js"></script>
<noscript> Javascript is not enabled on the browser Hnece DTM tags will not fire </noscript>

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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