Iframe not tracking DTM




I have a website where a form is getting loaded in Iframe. I have added the DTM scripts to the header and it works fine if the page is loaded in a separate page but when the same page loads within an Iframe I get the below error

VM11262 launch-7a8d270ce219-staging.min.js:3 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t is not a function

    at P.p.findField (launch-7a8d270ce219-staging.min.js:3)

    at P.C.getMarketingCloudVisitorID (launch-7a8d270ce219-staging.min.js:3)

    at AppMeasurement.p.isReadyToTrack (EXc9c7c3d242804630863f378f0661ba29-libraryCode_source.min.js:2)

    at AppMeasurement.p.fb (EXc9c7c3d242804630863f378f0661ba29-libraryCode_source.min.js:2)

    at AppMeasurement.p.t.p.track (EXc9c7c3d242804630863f378f0661ba29-libraryCode_source.min.js:2)

    at s (launch-7a8d270ce219-staging.min.js:2)


Has anyone encountered this error earlier, I am not sure what is causing this issue.


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