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You can download up-to-date version of appmeasurement.js from Admin - Code Manager - 'JavaScript (new)'

Replace the old one by newer version in your custom library.





I don't know what your actual setup looks like, but based on the "error", your setup should include something like the below. 

This "error" is caused when you do the following:

var s = new AppMeasurement();

AppMeasurement() "requires" a string value passed to it, signifying the rsid(s) to route the data to, e.g.

var s = new AppMeasurement('somersid');

If nothing is passed to it, you get that "error" in the javascript console (I put "error" in quotes because it's actually just a message logged to the js console, not an actual javascript error thrown, nor is it necessarily an actual error that breaks your tracking).  You can set the report suite value later on in your code before the s.t() or call is made just fine, e.g.

var s = new AppMeasurement();

s.account = 'somersid';


Adobe Analytics will not make the http(s) request to the collection server unless there is an rsid set, so if you see the AA request in your Network tab then you should be okay, despite seeing that "error". Well, assuming your report suite routing logic is okay, but that's a separate issue - which I assume is not an issue, assuming your implementation was previously working as expected and all you have done is upgrade to the latest AA lib version. 

Alternatively, you could be (effectively) doing the following:

var s = s_gi('');

This is basically but not quite the same as the above. Firstly, if you do not pass anything to s_gi(), you will get a different error, an actual javascript error along the lines of "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined".  This is because unlike new Appmeasurement()s_gi() for real requires a string value to be passed to it, or it will straight up break (no AA object instantiated at all).  So if you are using s_gi() and getting that "Error, missing Report Suite ID in AppMeasurement initialization" message, then at a minimum you are (effectively) passing an empty string to it. 

So, perhaps you have something like this (or equivalent, in principle):

var s_account = "";

switch (location.hostname) {

  case '' : s_account = 'somedevrsid'; break;

  case '' : s_account = 'someprodrsid'; break;


var s = s_gi(s_account);

Basically you have code that populates s_account with the rsid but maybe you are on a domain that doesn't match any condition, so you end up passing an empty string. And similar to new Appmeasurement(), as long as you eventually set s.account before the s.t() or call is made, and see the http(s) request from it, you should be okay and can ignore that "error".

Side Note

if you have custom code using new AppMeasurement() to instantiate the AA object, officially, you aren't supposed to do this.  Instead, you should be using s_gi().  Once upon a time the online Adobe documentation showed to use new Appmeasurement() method, but apparently that was a typo in the documentation and was fixed.  Unofficially.. for most implementations, in practice there's no real difference between using one vs. the other.  The only difference I have found between the two involves scenarios where you are re-instantiating the AA object yourself (and in practice, you don't normally do this unless you are working with multiple AA implementations on a page, which is rare).  But..  details for all that is a whole other discussion not worth posting here since it's not really relevant to the question, nor is it something you are supposed to be officially doing anyway!



Perfect - is the custom code you have in DTM customized? if it is you will need to transfer those updates over to the newest version code so everything continues to work. If you are not able to tell, please private message me the entire custom code from DTM and I'll provide you with step by step instructions on how to move forward after I determine if it has been customized.

Let me know.



I am able to see  AA Image Beacon in the Network Tab and in my report suite also I can see the data , so do I need to change something. My guess is everything is good as you said in your answer.




You probably have a custom setup which is why I requested that you sent me what you have so far before making any changes and I'll be able to let you know next steps. The reason is exactly what the message states, there isn't a reporting id set but there are several ways of doing it and without much details I can only be guessing.If you had a custom setup in the first place there is a chance that things have been customized in different places so it won't be as simple as replacing the code.



Hi ,

thank you all for your help. I have upgraded my Appmeasurement code to latest 2.6.0 but in console I am getting this error when I my loading my website Error, missing Report Suite ID in AppMeasurement initialization,

What could be the reason for this?



A bit more detail is needed. Are you currently using Adobe DTM, what version are you currently on and what version would you like to move to (latest)?

If you are in DTM are you already in custom mode and want to upgrade or are you looking for upgrade from managed mode to custom mode?