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Hello Everyone -

I'm a Digital Analyst (reporting side with very little implementation execution -- dev work) at my job but want to be able to add tracking to some new webpages that have been added (example -- jasonmurray.com is the domain but I want to add jasonmurray.com/blog as well as eweb.jasonmurray.com  to our tracking). We added the Adobe Script that DTM recommends to the new pages but when I search for the URLs in Adobe Analytics they're nowhere to be found. Are we missing a step?

I guess my overarching question is how do I implement new webpages on our website so that they can be tracked and reported on in Adobe Analytics?

Thanks for your help everyone!



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As Josh pointed out, the domains you listed are redirecting to a page selling that domain. If you are planning to use that domain for your website, you'll need to purchase it first.

If you were just using that domain as an example, then you are correct. The first step is to deploy the DTM header and footer code to the pages you'd like tracked. Assuming you have the Analytics tool installed in your DTM property, you would start to see a default Analytics beacon in the debugger.

Have you installed the debugger yet? If so, are you seeing anything pop up when you run the debugger after visiting your site?