How to test staging library in production when not using the AKAMAI hosting?




we have recently moved for self-hosting on the satellite libraries. Now I've noticed that DTM debugger staging plugin does not work anymore, and neither does localStorage.setItem('sdsat_stagingLibrary',true); . This is due staging library is not in the same location as production library in our setup. Is there a way to define where the staging library can be found or is there any other way to enable this staging library in this kind of hosting?

Of course I could do all my testing in dev environments, but this way would be the preferred for me.

Thanks for help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Most of those switcher plugins just add '-staging' to the URL for your DTM emebd code. Since you've chosen to self-host, you'd need to update the header embed code to point to your staging library if you wished to test with your staging library on your production site. Unfortunately, the plugins have no way to know where your staging library might be located since it would likely be different for every customer. You might be able to accomplish this with a proxy rewrite using something like Charles Proxy. 



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