How to separate analytics rules and 3rd party rules in DTM?



Hi Team,

We have Analytics rules and 3rd party rules in DTM. I would like to separate them so that it is easy for us to search analytics update and 3rd party rules. Can you please let me know how can we do this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Vidya,

Thanks for reaching out. You can do this with the rule name, tag name, and category when creating/editing a rule. Then when you need to search for a rule you can use those tags to search for only a type of rule. More information here:


How do I remember which tags are in which rules? How do I keep track of my tags and make it easier to find certain rules?

Adobe recommends using the rule Name, the Tag Name, and the Categories to label your rules in a way that helps you find things faster later on, when you need to come back and change a rule, or group of rules.

For example, because different Page Load and Event Based rules respond to different Conditions, it might make sense to add an indicator about the Conditions in the rule Name, like “Global Page Load."

When working with Third Party Tags or custom JavaScript, you can add information into the Tag Name field. Later, when you are looking for all the rules with a certain tag, you can filter the list of rules by Tag Name to find all rules containing that tag.

Finally, each rule can be labeled with a Category and a value. The Category is also available when filtering your list of rules, so you can easily and quickly find the list of rules in a certain Category. For example, using a Category like “3rd Party” with a value of “DoubleClick” lets you search for all rules in the “3rd Party” Category, or all rules with the value of “DoubleClick”.




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