How to save the Adobe server calls for a form submit



Hi All,

I have a question related to Tag implementation through DTM for a Form Submit.

The form which I'm going to implement have multiple feilds to fill . I belive if any one of the feild is empty and user submit the form it incurs a server call which is of cost. My question is how to save the server calls for form errors if user submit the form multiple times with the errors.

Please I would require your suggesations.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Does your form reload the entire page when it performs the validation? If so, you'd need to suppress the Analytics beacon if validation failed. I believe this can be done with the s.abort method.

If the form doesn't reload the page, you may want to disable the submit button until validation is complete. For this you'd need to have each field validated after the user's cursor leaves the field. Then you could have DTM fire the beacon when the forum is actually submitted since only validated info could be submitted.

Hopefully this helps!