How to reduce number of becon calls?



We are marketing website & have lot of Web beacon (js, 1x1 pixels...) with different varities like page load, events , etc...   added into system using DTM & most of them are 3rd party.  As you guessed impacted site performance.  We are cleaning unwanted things, talking to 3rd party where performance impacted and categorize with adobe recommemnded way at [A] & also having stricter rule to execute on required pages rather than all the pages..  Assume after cleaning up we ended with 100 beacon to be served on each page.  Is there a way or a trick to club & reduce making 100 seperate calls for each different becons from end user browser?     Is possible to configure DTM some thing server side rather than having penalty to end user ?   Will using Tealium instead of DTM help in any way? 

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, DTM doesn't have any sort of beacon forwarding service. As for the Adobe-specific beacons, you can possibly reduce the number of beacons being sent if you only track what you're interested in reporting on. Also, Adobe is always working on unifying our beacons to help reduce the number of beacons needed for our technologies.



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Thanks Jantzen.  Unfortunately it is not adobe beacons. We cleaned everything and have strict rules which helped for now temporarily,  but might not sustain for a long. If you come across any recommendation on beacon forwarding service Or way to reduce please let us know.