How to build DTM friendly site?



I'm looking for any materials or best practices for site coding. I have an opportunity to talk to my dev team and make sure they follow the guidance so the site comes out DTM friendly.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Aida,

DTM can be deployed on just about any website. The deployment is very straight forward with just two lines of code, one inside the <head> tag and one as close to the closing </body> tag as possible. With that said, we have an awesome getting started guide that you may want to take a look at. My favorite portion of the guide is the best practices guide.

A few other tips from my years in customer care are:

  • Single page apps are more difficult to tag with the current version of DTM. More info coming at Summit! 🙂
  • Having a data layer for your page makes tagging much easier - Adobe Blog posts about data layers: Data Layers: From Buzzword to Best Practice,  Analytics and Data Layers: A Look Under the Hood
  • Entrust DTM to manage your Adobe solution code. Mixing page code with code deployed via DTM is possible, but it's best to host Adobe code in DTM.
  • Being specific on your page by using ids and classes will also make tagging easier
  • If possible, plan on having your dev team help setup data elements after the site is deployed. Occasionally, dev knowledge (CSS selectors or JavaScript) may be needed to extract values from the page.
  • If you're interested in even more help, engage with our consulting team via your account manager.

Hope this helps!