How DTM handle cross domain for GA



We used DTM to track the data and then write to both Adobe analytics and Google analytics

We have some cross domain tracking. We setup the DTM to handle the cross domains. It seems it is working for adobe analytics but not on the GA account. We still see the referrer from cross domains.

Do you know how to set this up which allow the GA to handle the cross domains.

We also saw a paper

talked about this, and we tried. But didn't work. It can not append ?_ga=2131.123.1223.123 parameters for GA.


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you might find more information referencing cross-domain with GA in google groups, since this is a DTM forum and your adobe setup seems to be working.. not sure what the question is. I don't believe there's anything dtm or adobe analytics can do to help with how GA records visitors.

personally i wouldn't piggy back either platform on each other. if you need both, then run them in parallel, but understand that tracking will always behave slightly differently.