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We are using Channel Adviser to place a pixel on our site, and return a cookie in some cases.  So what behavior should I expect? Using DTM, in my page I write _satellite.track("myrule");. Does that then return that code to run client-side?  Does it run on an Adobe server and just return/inject the returned code client-side?  How does it handle cookies?


If it just returns the code to run client-side that'll be bad for performance, and I don't want to use DTM.  If it runs the Channel Adviser JS snippet server-side, is it smart enough to return the cookie?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




All of the rules run in-browser, so yes, it would return the code client-side.  However, I would ask you to reconsider the idea that it would be bad for performance.  If you use our default option of non-sequential HTML/Javascript to inject the tag, then it will run in parallel with the rest of the page and will not cause any slowdown whatsoever in the page load or user experience.

Regarding cookies, since the code is running on your website, the cookie will be set on your domain when the rule is run.


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