How do I integrate audience manager in DTM?



I'm trying to add the Audience Manager tool to DTM, and integrate it with Analytics. On the tool config, there's an option to select "Integrate with adobe analytics", but a notice that says I need to provide custom page code to initialize the integrated tool. I can't seem to find any documentation on how to do this, what's the best approach here? If analytics were using an old s_code.js type implementation, then I think initializing the integration would look something like this:

window.ustaDil = DIL.create({ ... //Sitecatalyst data collection var _scDilObj = s_gi('rsid'); DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(_scDilObj, window.ustaDil, { ...

But in DTM I don't have direct access to either the s_gi function or the "s" object created from it. I tried passing the _satellite object as the first parameter to DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init, but that didn't seem to do the trick either.

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Hi Kevin,

Please find attached a screenshot of the AAM TOOL in DTM:

[img]AAM TO ANALYTICS DTM.png[/img]

The code to input in the Customize Page code should look like this:

// AAM DIL Code var _scObj = s_gi(s_account); var rDil = DIL.create({ partner : "[AAM PARTENER ID]", uuidCookie:{ name:'aam_uuid', days:30 }, visitorService: { namespace: '[MARKETING CLOUD ID]' } }); DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(_scObj, rDil, { names: ['pageName', 'channel', 'campaign', 'products', 'events', 'pe', 'referrer', 'server', 'purchaseID', 'zip', 'state'], iteratedNames: [{ name: 'eVar', maxIndex: 75 }, { name: 'prop', maxIndex: 75 }, { name: 'pev', maxIndex: 3 }, { name: 'hier', maxIndex: 4 }] }); if(typeof s.prop19 != 'undefined' && s.prop19) { rDil.api.aamIdSync({ dpid: '[STRING]', //must be a string dpuuid: [ADOBE ANALYTICS variable], //must be a string minutesToLive: 20160 //optional }); };

The example above is for DIL integration and not the MASTER MARKETING PROFILE INTEGRATION :

Please let me know if you still face any issue. I will need the following details from you to help you further:

  • DTM Web property:
  • DIL code that you want to add:

If you do not want to provide these details in this thread please feel free to open an incident with Adobe ClientCare and provide me the incident number and I will look into it.


Best regards.


Alexis Cazes.


Senior Technical Support Engineer

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Could you Please attach the screenshot again, I am not able to see. I am trying to integrate AAM with DTM , but not getting starting point for the same.