How do I Capture "Installed Browser Plugins" with Adobe Analytics through DTM?



Hello all.
I am having an issue with Capturing the Installed Browser Plugins through DTM for Adobe Analytics.

We are Currently using the SiteCatalyst code version: H.24.1. in Production but on Dev we are trying moving to newer JS-2.5.0-D7QN:
in our current system we are capturing Installed Browser plugins.  The following images are from ObservPoint view of Adobe Analytics in Chrome

In the new system with DTM the plugins (p): is not available.


Using Chrome, when i look in Source tab and go to the watch section and put in Plugin i get the following

  1. Plugin: ƒ Plugin()

    1. arguments:null
    2. caller:null
    3. length:0
    4. name:"Plugin"
    5. prototype:Plugin {item: ƒ, …}
    6. __proto__:ƒ ()

I found this link to Adobe plugins <-link] but it's no real help, also when doing web search all I get back is browser plugins to debug DTM not this.

This is the last piece I need to be able to Deploy Adobe Analytics with DTM, without it we can go live with the newer JS.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Looking at the latest AppMeasurement library (2.5.0), looks like Adobe dropped sending plugin info. I don't have an answer for which version they dropped it (or why).

Looking at older library versions, looks like they loop through navigator.plugins to build the s.plugins value.  The value is a semicolon delimited list of the first 30 plugins found.  the values used are the plugin names, truncated at 100 chars for each name.

So if you really want to keep tracking this, you can replicate the logic and push it to a custom variable (eVar, prop, list var).  Here is an example function to demonstrate

(this is not an official Adobe plugin. It is just a proof of concept I made for you to reference).

/* AA plugin to get the browser plugins */

s.getBrowserPlugins=function() {

  var i,r=[],



  for (i=0;i<l;i++) {

     r.push( p[i].name.substring(0,100) );


  return r.join(';');


/* populate s.list1 */

s.list1 = s.getBrowserPlugins();

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Answers (1)




Adobe dropped support for the browser plugins because it was really only supported in the firefox browser and significantly contributed to the length of the image request.  I would be interested in seeing what you are currently using the list for? What kinds of things are you looking for in the list to make design choices in your website? But Josh's suggestion should replicate the functionality.