Help! GA Universal returning static %___% Text instead of Data Element Value



I've run into an issue that is confounding me greatly.

I am setting the GA Universal Account IDs for Staging & Production using data elements, however for some reason when the tool loads in the browser, DTM returns the static text used in the tool configuration, rather than the UA-xxxxxx-x value. The tool is configured to load at Page Bottom, and I've confirmed by going through every function in the Satellite JS that the data element is set correctly prior to the tool loading. Yet, I continue to get static text returned.

Illustration attached.

Is anybody else successfully using data elements to set Account ID for GA? I should note that I can't use data elements *anywhere* within the GA tool configuration without having this issue. Adobe Analytics works fine. Any ideas?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Andy, this is a verified issue that has a fix coded for it. Our next DTM update is expected to go Live on July 7th which I anticipate will resolve the issue here.

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