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Hi Guys,

Is there any way to tag Google ReCaptcha actions and get metrics to be able to tie with another website metrics?

Is there a plugin of any sort with AA? Google Console has metrics but i am looking at tie that with my user flow and some other website dimension/metrics.

Thank you so much!

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First, If you are concerned about reCAPTCHA presenting a roadblock to conversion take a look at reCAPTCH v3 before you do anything else.  The new hotness: reCAPTCHA v3  |  reCAPTCHA  |  Google Developers


For reCAPTCHA v2 there are three callback functions that can be specified via html custom attributes on the widget.

  • One gets called upon success from the service.
  • Another function for the expiration of a successful verification.
  • Another for error handling.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.46.24 AM.png

You could specify the callbacks as custom functions that you write, or just call straight into _satellite.track("foo").

It looks like some implementations just use a DIV with a form submit which you should be able to catch as a DTM custom event if you wanted one more metric beyond those provided by the callbacks.

And.. just to be complete, if you are doing explicit rendering of the reCAPTCHA widget, you could capture the render event by calling _satellite.track within that function.


A parting thought.  The scenario that you propose is perfect for A/B testing if you have the traffic volume to support it. Testing different reCAPTCHA treatments head-to-head would give you much clearer data than fallout analysis of different treatments in different timeframes.





Thank you for looking in to this. I would go back to my developers with this thought.

Did think of A/B testing but we want to kinda also understand what percentage of our users from overall web traffic are actually seeing the ReCAPTCHA (not the invisible ones) and attempting it.



The least that i want to track- when a user completes the action/reCaptcha puzzle/question and hits Done or 'am not a robot' radio button.

Why- We want to know how user flows gets impacted(across a set of pages/section) or not when we change the severity of the puzzle and also get a better idea in terms of what % of users are actually getting and attempting the reCaptcha. Thank you for looking in to this for me.




This would be pretty difficult to do, as I believe those are loaded in frames. However, if recaptcha fires off some sort of event, you might be able to listen for it and send it in an Analytics call. Can you share more on what you'd like to track in reCaptcha and why?