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Do I need to create a data element and / or page load rule for the getPercentPageViewed plug in to work? I assume I have to do the following but please let me know if I missed anything:

  1. Add plug in code to website
  2. Add code to s_code file for getPercentPageViewed v1.71
  3. Use existing pageload rule (Content: All Pages) and add a sprop for getPercentPageViewed
  4. Add traffic variable to report suite
  5. Create a classification for Less than 25%, Less than 50%, more than 50%, more than 75% and 100%

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi  Scott,

There is no need to create a separate data element for capturing the percentage page viewed.  Please note that the plugin Record the portion of a page (0-100%) that the user views and pass the value into a variable on the next page view.

Ex- If user views a page say " Page A" and scrolls till  70% of the page and then clicks a link on "Page A" and moves to "Page B" . Hence on load of "Page B", The Percentage of Page view value captured is for "Page A" and the value is 70%.

Please follow the following steps and you will be good to go with percentage page viewed plugin.

  • Add plug in code to s_code file in plugins section.
  • /*plugin to capture previous value */ s.getPreviousValue=new Function("v","c","el","" +"var s=this,t=new Date,i,j,r='';t.setTime(t.getTime()+1800000);if(el" +"){if({i=s.split(el,',');j=s.split(,',');for(x in i" +"){for(y in j){if(i[x]==j[y]){if(s.c_r(c)) r=s.c_r(c);v?s.c_w(c,v,t)" +":s.c_w(c,'no value',t);return r}}}}}else{if(s.c_r(c)) r=s.c_r(c);v?" +"s.c_w(c,v,t):s.c_w(c,'no value',t);return r}"); /* * Utility Function: split v1.5 - split a string (JS 1.0 compatible) */ s.split=new Function("l","d","" +"var i,x=0,a=new Array;while(l){i=l.indexOf(d);i=i>-1?i:l.length;a[x" +"++]=l.substring(0,i);l=l.substring(i+d.length);}return a"); s.getPercentPageViewed=new Function("n","" +"var s=this,W=window,EL=W.addEventListener,AE=W.attachEvent,E=['load" +"','unload','scroll','resize','zoom','keyup','mouseup','touchend','o" +"rientationchange','pan'];W.s_Obj=s;s_PPVid=(n=='-'?s.pageName:n)||s" +".pageName||location.href;if(!W.s_PPVevent){s.s_PPVg=function(n,r){v" +"ar k='s_ppv',p=k+'l',c=s.c_r(n||r?k:p),a=c.indexOf(',')>-1?c.split(" +"',',10):[''],l=a.length,i;a[0]=unescape(a[0]);r=r||(n&&n!=a[0])||0;" +"a.length=10;if(typeof a[0]!='string')a[0]='';for(i=1;i<10;i++)a[i]=" +"!r&&i<l?parseInt(a[i])||0:0;if(l<10||typeof a[9]!='string')a[9]='';" +"if(r){s.c_w(p,c);s.c_w(k,'?')}return a};W.s_PPVevent=function(e){va" +"r W=window,D=document,B=D.body,E=D.documentElement,S=window.screen|" +"|0,Ho='offsetHeight',Hs='scrollHeight',Ts='scrollTop',Wc='clientWid" +"th',Hc='clientHeight',C=100,M=Math,J='object',N='number',s=W.s_Obj|" +"|W.s||0;e=e&&typeof e==J?e.type||'':'';if(!e.indexOf('on'))e=e.subs" +"tring(2);s_PPVi=W.s_PPVi||0;if(W.s_PPVt&&!e){clearTimeout(s_PPVt);s" +"_PPVt=0;if(s_PPVi<2)s_PPVi++}if(typeof s==J){var h=M.max(B[Hs]||E[H" +"s],B[Ho]||E[Ho],B[Hc]||E[Hc]),X=W.innerWidth||E[Wc]||B[Wc]||0,Y=W.i" +"nnerHeight||E[Hc]||B[Hc]||0,x=S?S.width:0,y=S?S.height:0,r=M.round(" +"C*(W.devicePixelRatio||1))/C,b=(D.pageYOffset||E[Ts]||B[Ts]||0)+Y,p" +"=h>0&&b>0?M.round(C*b/h):0,O=W.orientation,o=!isNaN(O)?M.abs(o)%180" +":Y>X?0:90,L=e=='load'||s_PPVi<1,a=s.s_PPVg(s_PPVid,L),V=function(i," +"v,f,n){i=parseInt(typeof a==J&&a.length>i?a[i]:'0')||0;v=typeof v!=" +"N?i:v;v=f||v>i?v:i;return n?v:v>C?C:v<0?0:v};if(new RegExp('(iPod|i" +"Pad|iPhone)').exec(navigator.userAgent||'')&&o){o=x;x=y;y=o}o=o?'P'" +":'L';a[9]=L?'':a[9].substring(0,1);s.c_w('s_ppv',escape(W.s_PPVid)+" +"','+V(1,p,L)+','+(L||!V(2)?p:V(2))+','+V(3,b,L,1)+','+X+','+Y+','+x" +"+','+y+','+r+','+a[9]+(a[9]==o?'':o))}if(!W.s_PPVt&&e!='unload')W.s" +"_PPVt=setTimeout(W.s_PPVevent,333)};for(var f=W.s_PPVevent,i=0;i<E." +"length;i++)if(EL)EL(E[i],f,false);else if(AE)AE('on'+E[i],f);f()};v" +"ar a=s.s_PPVg();return!n||n=='-'?a[1]:a");
  • Add below code in the doplugins() function to s_code file for capturing  getPercentPageView, get previous value in respective s.prop variable  Alternatively you can also add the below code to an existing pageload rule (Content: All Pages). 
  • s.usePlugins=true function s_doPlugins(s) { s.prop9 = s.getPreviousValue(s.pageName,'s_ppn'); //prop9: prev page name s.prop10 = s.getPercentPageViewed(); //prop10: max % viewed of prev page if(!s.prop9||s.prop10=='no value')s.prop10=''; //clear max % viewed if no prev page view } s.doPlugins=s_doPlugins
  •    Add traffic variable to report suite
  • Create a classification for Less than 25%, Less than 50%, more than 50%, more than 75% and 100%

Please let us know in case of any questions or queries.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Answers (1)



Very helpful. So if it's an Adobe plugin then I just have to drop code in the s_code file? Also, what is best practices for adding the  "doplugins() function"; should it be in the pageload rule or should I just add it to the s_code file to keep everything in one place? Are there ramifications for putting the  doplugins() function in the s_code file rather than the page load rule?

thanks again for all your help