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We've received a requirement to track website form field interaction and also collect some of the values being entered (non PI), passing them into Analytics.

Basically need a way to see how far the customer progressed through a check out process.

Currently each field sends a direct call rule ( into AA for each field, however as you can imagine our volume of network calls is rising. 40+ questions!

I wanted to understand if anyone has any tried and tested methods of collecting values and monitoring the progression through fields?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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DTM does have a few built in events for forums (focus, blur, submit, change). If you've already got direct call rules setup and they are allowing your to track the actions you'd like, you don't need to change to the default events. As for the rise in server calls, that is a side effect of tracking each action in the forum. A few ideas I have for reducing your volume of tracking calls:

  • Break the form into pages and send a single call for each page completed
  • If the form can't or doesn't make since to be broken into pages, you could fire a beacon for each group completed (fire one beacon for each group of information rather than each field).
  • Write a script that increments as each field is completed/validated and send that beacon before the user leaves the page.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas.


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