Fire Event Based rule when I select the options on the dropdown



Hi All,

I want to create an event based rule on selecting the dropdown option. Here is my dropdown code..

<select id="select_dropdown"><option value="tab-0">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">First</a>

</option><option value="tab-1">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">Second</a>

</option><option value="tab-2">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">Third</a>

</option><option value="tab-3">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">Four</a>

</option><option value="tab-4">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">Five</a>

</option><option value="tab-5">

<a class="list-item-link" style="color:#707070">Six</a>


I want to fire each event for each selection

for example

I want to fire event 1 for First option, event 2 for Second Option, event 3 for Third Option, event 4 for Fourth option , event 5 for Fifth Option and event 6 for sixth option.

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