Event 57, inconsistently firing. Why?



We've had problems for months getting event 57 to fire upon form validation. We re-wrote the validation script which seemed to work well with pages hosted in one of CMSs. I tried the same script on a page hosted in another CMS we use, but event 57 didn't fire. I do see in the console during form submit that event 65 is getting cancelled. Not sure why or how, or if it's related to 57.

Does anybody see a problem with this page? Help is extremely appreciated and i'll sing your praises if it works.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




    Looks like, currently, you are firing event57 for following two direct rules only:

1) downloadSubmit

2) submit

Whenever your developer has called these above two direct call rules, it would have set event57.

Kindly check with your developer on when these two rules are called within your web application code logic so as to help in fixing your reported issue.

Also, you might want to tweak "Form Offsite Submit" click rule if you wish to fire event57 on Subscribe click of "Connect newsletter" form.

Hope, it helps.


Saurabh Kumar.

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Answers (1)



Looks like you are using DTM. the variables  will fire based on the rules set in DTM. You might need to revist the conditions to trigger event57 in DTM

Why don't you use a processing rule to set event57 as a workaround while investigating the issue?