Element Exists Event Base Rule not firing on img tag when I manually set a value for src



Hello.  I've got an Element exists Event-based rule for detecting an img tag which contains a placeholder image (essentially a no-image image to tell me how often customers are looking at products without images).

I created a rule to look for an img tag, but one which has 'NoImage' in the src attribute.   Unfortunately, when I set the attribute/value pair, the rule doesn't fire.  Removing the attribute assignment gets the rule firing.  Is my attribute condition incorrect?

Sample img src URI: https://[removed]/products/NoImage/b1/en/front/NoImage_front_a06_@2.png against which I'd expect the regex on src to work successfully.

One additional note: I do see the element exists match on IMG in the console; just not the event being fired: SATELLITE: detected elementexists on IMG

I've attached a screenshot of my rule configuration


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Aziz,

I was able to get a 'element exists' event type to fire properly using the img tag and the src property set to 'NoImage'.

my page source was simply:

<img src="images/NoImage.png" alt="fake"/> 

and for the rule, make sure you a choosing Regex for the value, and not string.  I cannot see the image you uploaded for whatever reason, but here is what my configuration looks like.


- Jason  DTM QE

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