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I have a client wanting me to look into implement this on their website. I have to be honest, I have never used Adobe Analytics, much less Dynamic Tag Management. I could really use some details on the installation and configuration. I have search through the documentation but I am not finding anything on how to actually install this product. But if I have miss this documentation somewhere, a link to it is welcome.

Can it be used on a linux based solution? In particularly, a Drupal site being hosted on a Acquia Server? Which means I have no permission to change / install any server software other then what is in my apache vhost directory. So if setting up this product requires any changes to the server, I need to know.


Thanks for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



My company is a customer of Adobe Analytics. I don't work for Adobe. So, my suggestions are based on my experience as a customer.

Access to Adobe Analytics and DTM is provided by an Adobe account manager. If your client already has a contract with Adobe, their account manager should be able to get the ball rolling. If not, you'll need to reach out to Adobe to get that whole process rolling. There appears to be contact information on this page:


If you already have an Adobe Analytics account and access to DTM, then getting started is actually pretty simple. No changes to the server were necessary. All I needed to do was include two files on each page - one in the head tag and another at the bottom right before the closing body tag. IMO, the "Getting Started..." section of the DTM documentation is the easiest to understand (so far). It's pretty straight-forward and should help set you on your way. Here's a link:


re: Drupal - We use it for parts of our site. DTM plays nicely with it. Dunno what type of servers we have. 

Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck!