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I have a customer request to change the embed codes on the site we have set up for them to point to their omniture suite. They want to manage DTM on their end and integrate the reporting into their existing Omniture reports.  Is there a way to setup a private DTM property pointing to their Omniture suite and still maintain internal reporting within our own?

Your help is appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Robert,

Do you want to create the two separate properties, or maintain one property? There are a couple of ways to do this:

1 - Use 1 DTM property and add both RSID's to the Adobe Analytics Tool using the same rule set

2 - Use 1 DTM property and have two 'analytics tools' installed. This would allow you to use the same rules across both analytics tools instances as well as having separate rules for each analytics instance in the same property

3 - Use 2 DTM properties within the same company account (one for your tagging purposes and one for theirs). 

To maintain privacy between all of the properties in your account the customer can be assigned to a group that has access to specific properties. The customer could have approver and publisher options, but not admin rights (meaning they couldn't create a new property or edit any other properties that are under your company). If you create a group where all of the DTM properties are set to none (blank) and their DTM property is set to approver and publisher they will only see that property when they log in. The customer won't be able to create new properties, see other properties they don't have access to, or edit any properties other than their own. However, they will still be able to see a list of any user who has access to their property when viewing the property. There is more information on how to set this up hereadobe.ly/1kzj2LT. 

- Tacia

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