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I find a very strange issue on DTM. On the PageLoad Rules it's impossible to send a variable with all evar after the eVar75.
For Exemple we send the string "Home" on the eVar75, but not send for all eVar after 76.

Any idea ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Daniel,

If you are an Adobe Analytics Premium customer, dynamic tag management lets you take advantage of advanced features and additional eVars and events.

The following table displays the number of eVars and events available in each Analytics account type:

 Adobe Analytics (Point Product)Adobe Analytics (Standard)Adobe Analytics Premium

You add the Adobe Analytics Premium tool using dynamic tag management the same way you add Adobe Analytics (Standard). In order to get the Analytics Premium functionality (if applicable), you must do the following:

  • Use the Automatic configuration method (explained here).
  • Use the Marketing Cloud or Web Services authentication method (explained here).

There is no "switch" to enable Analytics Premium functionality. Verification is done behind the scenes by API checks via the automatic configuration. The additional eVars are added to the UI if the account is authenticated as an Analytics Premium customer.


Best regards.


Alexis Cazes.


Senior Technical Support Engineer

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Answers (3)



Also important to know if you are using s_code (JavaScript H.*) or appMeasurement. If you are using s_code or appMeasurement 1.3 or less, then you will need to pass the new eVars above 75 as a Context Variable, then use a Processing Rule to populate the eVar itself. Fortunately passing Events101+ works the same as always.