DTM Support for Direct Call Rule with Additional Parameter?



I understand that Adobe Launch supports passing in an additional parameter into _satellite.track().  I'd love to understand the level of support DTM has for this as well.  I'm working on code that ideally would be compatible for clients, whether they use DTM or Launch.

In a post by Jenn Kunz, she states, "I’ve seen this work in DTM recently, too, though I’m under the impression that may not be fully supported, perhaps."

So, does anyone know the level of support DTM has for this?  Which versions I should watch out for that may not support it?

From the Launch docs:

Direct Call Rule with Additional Parameters in Adobe Launch


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The level of support for this is 'probably, but implement at your own risk'. As you're probably well aware, DTM won't get too much development work in favor of Launch, so if this functionality only works intermittently, Adobe won't likely scramble to fix it.