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We are migrating to DTM.  Currently (w/out DTM) we have two Site Catalyst Reporting Suite IDs and we toggle between them based on a user's state ( Consumer or B2B Customer).  Is there a way to do that in Tag Manager?  We have the dataObject on the page, so we can manage it in a  rule, but appears to be a global property - one per site.  This is a show stopper for us.

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Hi Vince,

From the description of your post, I understand that you wish to Implement SiteCatalyst via DTM and you have multiple RSID to send data depending on the User's state (A or B). If my understanding is correct, here is what you need to do... Yipeeee smiley

enlightenedSolution: Once you all sitecatalyst tool to DTM web property, you can configure the tool setting and define one or more RSIDs for Stage and Prod. However, does't let you put your custom code to dynamically decide your RSID depending on the user state. Instead of using the pre-defined field to enter the RSID, just set the RSID is the s_code manually, the algorithm could be something similar to the one given below:

1. Declare a variable and save the user-state using some custom Logic.

2. Read this custom variable and assign the appropriate RSID.

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Try going into the Adobe Analytics configuration within your report suite and looking in the Library Management area. There is an option to set the reports suites via the custom code. 

There is a tiny bit of info at https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/library_management.html