DTM property "spans multiple domain", Analytics implications




My question is,

  • When setting up a Web Property in DTM
  • If I select “This site spans multiple domains
  • What is the impact on visitor tracking from domain to domain in Analytics?

Example scenario

User1 visits my properties, first Domain1.com, then clicks a link to my Domain2.com property, and finally clicks a link to my Domain3.com property. On Domain3.com the visitor leaves my properties with an external link or closing the browser.

If I select the "spans multiple domains",

  • Will User1 be tracked as a single visitor in Analytics? assuming I send all three sites to the same report suite.
  • Is the same true if I use three report suites?
  • When User1 moves from Domain1 to Domain2 will the link be counted as an "Exit Link"? will the next page be counted as a "Landing Page"?
  • Does the link tracking depend on same or different Report Suites?

If anyone understands how this setting impacts the sort of tracking described, I would love an explanation.


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