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I'm having an issue where data from sites which are set with two different web properties but going to the same report suite in AA aren't being passed correctly.

For example if I have a site with an external tracking code www.test.com?cid=testcode that is set by DTM property A and a success event on a page www.test.com/form set with DTM property B I can't see any events if I segment on the tracking code in AA.

Another example is I can't see page flow between www.test.com and www.test.com/form if the two pages are using different DTM properties.

Is this an issue or a bug or is there a setting that I don't know about?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Daniel,


Are you sure that you are using the exact same Adobe Analytics configuration in both of the DTM web properties ? 

The issue is most likely that the Visitor ID changes. This could be caused by the fact that the Adobe analytics cookie might be set on different domains for both of the web properties ? 

If you want us to help you then we will need the following details:

DTM company:

DTM web properties:


URLs to test:

It will be a good idea to create an incident with ClientCare so we can do additional data analysis if needed

Best regards.


Alexis Cazes


Senior Technical Support Engineer

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Answers (2)



Hi Daniel,

Are you still facing the issue as mentioned above by you ?. If yes, Can you please help us with information requested in Alexis's update so that we can further look into issue and get it resolved.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal



 Hey Daniel, 

Did you see Alexis's update & questions? Please let us know if you if you were able to resolve your issue or if you need more help.