DTM location of JQuery MD5 generator for userID?



Hi all, We had a tech who is no longer here install a JQuery action to encrypt the userID collected from the log-in box on our site. I have searched DTM, the source code of our website and in Analytics and can't for the life of me find where this snippet of code lives. I've looked in DTM under the userID rules and even in the custom code editors for the each rules and the entire library.

Looking at the source code of my site, I can find the code listed under the analytics.js file. When opening this file I find the code written as

// user > acountName and userId

    jQuery('#login-button').click(function() {

        digitalData.user.accountName = jQuery('#login-select option:selected').text();

        var userId = md5(jQuery('#login-username').val()).toUpperCase();

        digitalData.user.userId = userId

        if (debug) console.debug(userId);


Can anyone help and at least point me in a direction to search for it?



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Assuming your rules reference a data element, the code could be inside the data element where the User ID is picked from the page and then encrypted.




The source of that function could be anywhere, it seems its the javascript md5 library, If you've search all your local scripts and can't find "md5" then its probably loaded by url (md5.min.*) or hard coded in DTM. Trying using chrome dev tools to find it, if all else fails, send me the link and I'll locate it for you.