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My company is trying to see if transitioning to DTM will be a good option for us. We have decided to go with the library download hosting option and I have a question regarding it. From the DTM help page I see that "JavaScript libraries: Produced by the Management Application and transported to hosting servers." Does this mean that we can not upload some common libraries directly and then reference them in the Javascript/3rd party tags section with an includes reference?

I'd really appreciate any input that anyone may be able to give me in this matter.

Thanks for your time,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mike,

I could be wrong in my assumptions, but I have always understood this method as a way to simply host DTM functionality on your own servers for downtime/uptime/SLA reasons.  🙂  Meaning, you would want to go with this option simply because you need to ensure that DTM embed urls/scripts never ever go down and that they are lightning fast and never give you issues.  🙂  You would then use the script loading capabilities by configuring the DTM UI to load the 3rd party scripts or custom built scripts through rules.  You would load them either on pageLoad top or bottom, domReady, or onLoad.  There is more documentation on this option here and some reasons why you would use that option:



However, you can also include these scrips just like you would with any other javascript reference like you mentioned above.  The trick would be just figuring out the url to include as your src attribute.  DTM itself has an API that you can use to load scripts, and it also includes a "settings" property and "configurationSettings" property that you can use to find a lot of those scripts that you are interested in loading.  See all _satellite object documentation here:


In more detail, you could do something like this to get your script path dynamically after DTM embed scripts have loaded:

var scriptSrc = "//domainOfHost.com/" + _satellite.settings.scriptDir + "scriptSrc.js";

Then you could use this function on the _satellite object to load the script you are interested in:

_satellite.loadScript: function (url, callback)

- `url`:  the URL of the script
- `callback`(optional):  the function to be called after the script has loaded.
DESCRIPTION:  Load an external script.



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