DTM - Is there a lag issue between publishing approved codes to live to it reflecting on the live site?



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I am a bit concern about lag time.. I pushed my approved code to live around 11pm (UK time) on the 15th of June and now its the 16th (10:43am) and my code is still yet to reflect on the production site.

i checked the publish date and it returns the date for my last publication which was in May. Old codes still works fine but new is not coming through. i have rechecked the codes and there are no errors thrown as they all work perfectly on the stage environment..

Stage publish date returns 15th june..

So not sure how long to wait for.. I have noticed that it is taking my codes longer to get to Production, is there an issue with dtm publication.. please help



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Accepted Solutions (1)



This shouldn't be an issue K, publishing should take matter or minutes and not hours. If this problem still persist, reach out to support to get it resolved.

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