DTM Ignoring report suites set in code.



I have noticed a large number of calls reporting in our development report suite. Upon investigation it seems sometimes DTM is ignoring the report suites set in the code and instead leveraging the ones set in DTM itself. So in DTM I have default report suites set like this:


However in the code itself I am setting the s.account variable.  The ones set in the picture were required for DTM to allow me to save the changes.  Anyone have a similar issue?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Laura,

The problem is with the s.sa() function you are using.  It is not recommended to initialize a report suite using s.sa() function.The s.sa() function only lets you dynamically change a report suite at any time on the page, before or after an image request fires.

Hence please use the following code to in "customize page code" to properly initialize  the report suite id to be used for Page Load Rules and Event Based rules.

var r_suite = _satellite.getDataElement('reportingSuite') ; s_account=r_suite; s.account=s_account;

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Answers (6)



Hello, I am running into this same problem, was there any resolution? I am manually loading the AppMeasurement library but within "custom page code" I am dynamically setting the reporting suite. When I try to fire any event-based rule with Adobe Analytics variables defined, the reporting suite does not get set. 



Ah! it's usually suggested to let Adobe manage the library but I can understand why you'd need to use it.

Okay! could you share the code where you're setting the s.account variable please? (a snapshot like this would be good)



Trying again....

As you can see the report suites are set, but I have the "Set report suites using the custom code below" because I have code in there that changes the report suites based on domain.