DTM - How to add s.variables as Data element values?




In the event - click tracking on a button, I am trying to capture the s.PageName value as eVar for that specific event call.

Any ideas on how I can do it below:

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 6.01.42 PM.png

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In general Inside the custom code section of Adobe analytics, you can use.

s.eVar1 = s.pageName;

But since this is a s.tl call, which sends data without page view I assume s.pageName value will be unspecified in the reports.

Rather you can directly pass page name value to eVar1. say for eg: if you are getting page name value from a dataelement 'pageName'

for s.tl calls, use this

instead of s.pageName = _satellite.getVar('pageName');


s.eVar1 = _satellite.getVar('pageName'); or you can manually set the particular data element.

Hope this helps.