DTM Firefox error in secure sites



I have a client who is using DTM within a secure site, https://reservations.millenniumhotels.com/ibe/index.aspx

When I open this site in Firefox, I see this error in my console:

SecurityError: The operation is insecure. satelliteLib-b036f547cb74531b88442132a054ddca454ea887.js:2

The satellite JS file is included like this:

<script src="//assets.adobedtm.com/5405ae4aa30c9b11dc9852743bcc8c52b86b8725/satelliteLib-b036f547cb74531b88442132..."></script>

As a result of this error, it looks like Adobe Analytics isn't tracking. (Although when I check AA's Browser reports, I can still see visits from Firefox.)

In Chrome, I don't see this error in its console. Adobe Debugger doesn't show any Adobe-related tracking, though I can see a "/b/ss" image request in my browser's Network panel.

Is it just my browser or is this a known issue?

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Never mind, I've solved the issue.

I added "reservations.millenniumhotels.com" to my Firefox's cookies "Exception" list, so as to allow cookies from the domain. Now, I don't get the Security error.