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Hi there, new to the group and hoping someone can help.

I'm trying to implement Google CM ad server tags and they're broken out into global snippets & event, I set up the global snippet to fire on all pages (and this work) and at the top of the page while the event tag to fires on action (page load, button click, etc).  When I use the DTM debugger I see the event rule fire in the Chrome developer console's Console tab but I don't see the code actually execute and it's not tracked in the Network tab, is that normal?

When I try to fire Facebook or other publisher tags it works just fine but for the life of me I can't get my Google CM tags to fire in the new gtag format.Capture.PNGEvent.PNG

Those are the rules and both are implement as non sequential HTML tags.

Thank you.

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Non-Sequential HTML tags are output as adobedtm.com hosted iframes.  Because this is content hosted on a different domain, it does not have scope/visibility of the parent page (browser Same-Origin Policy limitations).

In order to ensure both snippets of code are on the parent page and have visibility of each other, you must use one of the other three container types: Sequential Javascript, Sequential HTML, or Non-Sequential Javascript. 

You didn't post an example of the tag code, so I'm making some assumptions here..

Since your global tag is output in "Top of Page" location and (presumably) you want to ensure it loads first, you should probably pick Sequential HTML, based on what you picked before.

As for the event tags, it depends on what the event is.  For example, if you have an event tag to output on load of a "thank you" page or whatever, you can output it as Bottom of Page and Sequential HTML.

But as for events such as button clicks, your options are to

a) Convert the tag to pure javascript and use the non-sequential javascript container type. If you post the tag (change client specific info to placeholders, e.g. the account # before you do!), someone may be able to help you with converting it. Or, contact the tag vendor for help.

b) Continue to use the Non-Sequential HTML container type as before, but you will need to include a copy of the global code in the same container box, to ensure it is included in the adobedtm.com hosted iframe.