DTM: Event based rules with AA code already present fire, but no AA beacon is generated




I am trying to implement DTM with "AA page code already present on page", using the same s_code.js URL as for the present page code. I specify Object name = "s2".

Now Event based rules are fired, but it seems that the AA tool settings associated with it are not considered, no beacon is generated neither, while custom JavaScript associated to the same rule is executed just all right.

As soon as I uncheck the "AA code present" option, everything works well.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Is 's2' the name of the object being used in your on-page implementation? If not, then this won't work.

When you check the "Adobe Analytics page code is already present" checkbox, DTM will not a) load s_code (which means it won't create any new s objects), or b) call s.t() for the page view.  Thus, if you've specified 's2' as the object name, but your current on-page implementation uses 's' (or some other object name), then DTM is trying to call s2.tl() which refers to an invalid object, and therefore fails to work.


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