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Hi Team,

I am not able to use the Tagtician DTM debugger tool in my chrome browser for debugging the DTM implementations. But previously I was able to use this debugger in my old machine, whereas in my new machine I am not able to do the same.

Can you please suggest that why can't I able to see the rules in tagtician?

Was it due to any chrome settings/version issues?

Thanks in advance!

Sundhara M.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Sundhara,

First, which version of Chrome are you using?

Can you verify that you're able to see the Tagtician extension loaded in your developer console? In other words, is Tagtician there but the rules are not loading?

Are you seeing the beacons fire when you check for them in your Network tab?  If you are seeing beacons firing and you just aren't seeing the rules fire, check that you don't have any other extensions installed that could be blocking Tagtician.