DTM - Attach click even to a link that doesn't have ID




I have a page that has a link. Unfortunately the link does not have an ID and I can't add one (technical issues with CMS). I have jQuery/JS code that can listen for the link click and fire a pixel, but I'm not sure how to create the rule in DTM.

The jQuery is something like this:


       //Fire pixel    

Any idea how to create such custom rule in DTM?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Amin,

For your Use-case you can create  Create an Event based rule with Event type as "Click" and "Element or Tag Selector"  as  a and Please check the box to manually assign properties & attributes and then specify the attributes with their value. Please see the below snapshot for more help.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal