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Hey Folks,

So we have already tackled the "Page Load" concept by using a direct call rule in which angular reports a page load on routeChangeSuccess. We report referring links on load of the destination page (instead of on click) to marry the page name with the link clicked in a single hit. We also have links on pages that do not result in routeChangeSuccess such a filtering or sorting a list of search results (but there could be a ton of other links now and in the future that would not result in routeChangeSuccess). We would want to send click events in this case since they do not result in a page load (where we would normally send out link names).

We are looking for some ideas on the best way to track this sustainably so it can grow as the app grows. The two options I see are as follows:

  1. (DTM Admin Responsibility) - Define event based rule for all element clicks that do not result in a page load.
  2. (Engineering Responsibility) - Define another direct call for all element clicks that do not result in a page load.

This issue is that both of these have a manual component for each responsible party as these inner page clickable elements will change over time. Please tell me someone has a better solution or suggestion! Thanks in advance for the help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Do you have an Adobe consultant you're working with to implement tracking in your app? 

Without knowing the context details of your app, I would think you could add an ID, or an ng-xxx, or other attribute to the "element clicks that do not result in a page load" and have one Event Based Rule that's triggered for all those clicks, with code that collects whatever attributes of the element you are interested in tracking?

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