DTM Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager not connecting to Adobe Analytics



Hi all,

We are implementing SiteCatalyst with Dynamic Tag Manager and not able to connect it to SiteCatalyst.
we are working from ODC for the client and our dev/stage environments on private network.

on clients live domain is active and working fine with older version of the SiteCatalyst implemented

Dynamic Tag Manager is connected and rules are fired however the page views and values provided are not shown on Adobe Digital Debugger

Please need views on possible reasons to get connected with SiteCatalyst using DTM Dynamic Tag Manager


Answers (2)

Answers (2)




DTM will use the RSID that you entered into the UI in the Staging / Production fields within the Configuration section of Adobe Analytics.  DTM handles this by having the separate staging and production embed codes.  Any site that is using the staging embed code will send data to the RSID you entered in to the Staging RSID section, and likewise any site using the production embed code will use the production RSID that was entered.





I'm having a similar issue  -- once I review the link you provided is it accurate to say I will be able to see my DEV suite populated based on DTM settings and since I receive a nightly data file for my DEV suite -- anything tagged should be visible in this file as well, correct.   It is just unclear whether we will see data fully in our DEV suite versus a move to Production.